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It’s Finally Time for YOU To Look at Snapchat

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 9, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

It has been reported that Snapchat is starting to overtake Twitter in usage. The disappearing media platform also has recently issued an update that takes Discover sections to a new level to bring you content and expand exploring in the app.

Are you paying attention yet?

Snapchat has been the consistent sticking point for many I talk to.  The platform hasn’t been accessible to some, keeping them away.  What do they do on the platform?  Why would they want to be there?

I remember these same questions being asked of Twitter all those years ago before we saw the little bird on every advertising platform possible. Everyone just ended up there.  In the last couple months, I’ve seen the online outliers who are usually on the forefront finally come over to the Snap side.

I’m not telling you how to use the platform.  Just that you should be taking a serious look.  Poking.  Prodding.  Creating. Seeing what brands like WWE or Taco Bell are doing with it.  And seeing how it could potentially serve your mission online.

What am I doing with it? Right now, I’m looking at the platform as a micro video blogging platform for my day to day ventures.  My interpretation is sort of a Video Twitter (140 Characters = 10 seconds).  You can find some of my snaps output on my personal Facebook and Twitter.

How are you using Snapchat, if you’ve started?

Want to talk more about Snapchat?  Message me on Twitter, or join me at the Carnegie Library Beechview on June 22 @ 7 PM

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Basic Sorganomics

Basic Sorganomics: Text in Facebook Videos

Facebook Video is the place to be.  But what is it that makes a video pop on this platform?  Surprisingly, it’s text.

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Basic Sorganomics

Basic Sorganomics: Going Viral

Basic SorganomicsHow do you get my video to go viral?  Maybe you’re asking the wrong question and aiming for the wrong goal?

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The Unbox Challenge.

Recently, my wife signed me up for the fantastic LootCrate subscription swag service that’s been making noise around here.  Chachi has had his for a bit, and we’ve featured it on more than one episode of Let’s Play.

Well, I finally had my chance, and when I started opening it and saw the call to action on the flap, I had to do an unboxing video:


Of course, leave it to Chachi to tell me how it is.  My unboxing sounds like everyone else’s.  It’s dry, poorly self shot with a mobile phone.

So the challenge:  I have plenty of LootCrates coming.  I’m going to try to make them the most exciting Unboxing videos I can.

Maybe I could unbox them to the backdrop of Mt Washington over the city since I’m so close (but could I leave it sealed for the short drive?)

Maybe I could use some fun lighting techniques.

Maybe explosions.


So what could I do to make it better next time?  Watch the video above, and let me know!

Origins: Friends are Superstars

Similar model to what I was using

For my 18th birthday, I received my own video camera.  It was one of those Sharp cameras that had the weird tilt to it.  I loved the thing.  I took it everywhere and started making stuff.

Aside from actually making some stuff, I just took that thing everywhere.  I was always a big fan of my friends.  That’s why I hung out with them.  And I always enjoyed getting them on tape to see what I could get.  I often put a camera on somebody just to invoke something awesome on camera, if you’ve hung out with me in these situations.  Whether it be hanging out at my place, basically staging small dance parties in my room, or going to the local Perkins after a night working at the Country Club, or after my friends’ band show.  I have hours of 8mm tape from this era of my life and the great times we had.

This continues today as I turn the camera on Chachi, talking him into doing a vlog, and bringing people into the Podcasts.  Giving someone like Will AKA DJlunchbox and the rest of my Wrestling Mayhem Show friends a place to talk about the thing they love where people can hear it and join in on a much larger conversation.  People with personalities I think should be shared with the world at large.

Sometimes being a content creator isn’t so much about creating, as it is about giving people a platform to shine.  I love finding people that could benefit from a platform like that, and seeing how they may flourish after the fact.  Now Chachi is growing his blog at ChachiSays.net, hosting Unsung, and spearheaded his Chachi Plays charity event, not to mention taken the reigns on other projects in our wheelhouse.  DJLunchbox is still a fixture on Wrestling Mayhem for the nearly six years since we started, and has had a great run on his ThoughtfulRiot.com leading to some really exciting potential.

If I’m turning my focus on someone, it’s usually because I see potential.  I don’t know if that’s potential to find a new career in entertainment or punditry.  Or maybe it’s just stupid human tricks sometimes, but there’s something there.  Something that I don’t want to be the lone audience of.  I’m not always right, but if people aren’t given the chance to be more than they accept, how will you be surprised?

So take a look around.  Why are you so entertained by your friends?  Maybe others will be too.