It’s Finally Time for YOU To Look at Snapchat


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It has been reported that Snapchat is starting to overtake Twitter in usage. The disappearing media platform also has recently issued an update that takes Discover sections to a new level to bring you content and expand exploring in the app.

Are you paying attention yet?

Snapchat has been the consistent sticking point for many I talk to.  The platform hasn’t been accessible to some, keeping them away.  What do they do on the platform?  Why would they want to be there?

I remember these same questions being asked of Twitter all those years ago before we saw the little bird on every advertising platform possible. Everyone just ended up there.  In the last couple months, I’ve seen the online outliers who are usually on the forefront finally come over to the Snap side.

I’m not telling you how to use the platform.  Just that you should be taking a serious look.  Poking.  Prodding.  Creating. Seeing what brands like WWE or Taco Bell are doing with it.  And seeing how it could potentially serve your mission online.

What am I doing with it? Right now, I’m looking at the platform as a micro video blogging platform for my day to day ventures.  My interpretation is sort of a Video Twitter (140 Characters = 10 seconds).  You can find some of my snaps output on my personal Facebook and Twitter.

How are you using Snapchat, if you’ve started?

Want to talk more about Snapchat?  Message me on Twitter, or join me at the Carnegie Library Beechview on June 22 @ 7 PM

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