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Michael Sorg

based in Pittsburgh, PA

About Me

I have been a student of all things media and internet for over 10 years since I first dialed in to the internet.  From my first Tripod site to building internet communities bringing hundreds of people to an event; from my first  high school media class parody video to editing viable safety training multimedia video products and filming ringside at professional wrestling events; I love to expand my world and the ways I communicate with people.

In 2011, I've moved from a day job lackey to freelance uncertainty (and excitement!)  I do most of this work under the banner of my Sorgatron Media site, where I'm building a Podcast network, and do videos for companies and non-profits in the pittsburgh area at Sidekick Media Services.

Want to meet with me? I'm using Doodle to schedule meetings.  Just drop by vyte.in/sorgatron/, hit me with what you want to talk about, suggest times, and we're good!  It's something new I'm trying to make things just little bit easier.

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What I do


Video Production

From streaming MMA (247 FC, Maverick MMA), Pro Wrestling to Fite (Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Defy Wrestling) to community events (Startup Weekend) and Awards Ceremonies (SAE International)



A regular Podcaster since 2006, I work with clients to expand their communication with clients.