The Unbox Challenge.

Recently, my wife signed me up for the fantastic LootCrate subscription swag service that’s been making noise around here.  Chachi has had his for a bit, and we’ve featured it on more than one episode of Let’s Play.

Well, I finally had my chance, and when I started opening it and saw the call to action on the flap, I had to do an unboxing video:


Of course, leave it to Chachi to tell me how it is.  My unboxing sounds like everyone else’s.  It’s dry, poorly self shot with a mobile phone.

So the challenge:  I have plenty of LootCrates coming.  I’m going to try to make them the most exciting Unboxing videos I can.

Maybe I could unbox them to the backdrop of Mt Washington over the city since I’m so close (but could I leave it sealed for the short drive?)

Maybe I could use some fun lighting techniques.

Maybe explosions.


So what could I do to make it better next time?  Watch the video above, and let me know!

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