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Basic Sorganomics

Basic Sorganomics: Why Twitter?

Why Twitter? What is it and why should you consider it for your personal communication or representing your business.

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Brew on Broadway - Beechview

A Community Plan

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for February 8, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

This week, I was exposed a little more to getting involved with my local community.  While my work in the past has led to working with non-profits around the Pittsburgh region, I’ve never had any focus on my own neighborhood. For over 8 years of having a house here, it has simply been the place I end up at night and work out of.  Everything else was a “fog of war” in my mind.

Brew on BroadwayThe area is also in the middle of a struggle with the local Port Authority over the upcoming T line construction (that’s our local light train that runs through the main street of the neighborhood).

What could be done to help this neighborhood communicate better?

When I was on PCTV’s Into PGH a few months ago, we discussed the PA People Count campaign over the recent Pennsylvania State Budget issue and it’s effect nonprofits.  We point out how important it is to use these tools at our disposal (Twitter, Podcasting, Online Video) to rally support for a cause or continue the conversation.

When these community matters are discussed in a meeting with 18 people, but affect thousands in the region, that doesn’t seem to add up to me at first glance.  But what if these discussions and voices get heard in a more directed way for the residents.  More than just an op ed or update buried in the Post Gazette.

Some tools already exist.  I have seen some reaction with a simple #Beechview on Twitter, and have started to pay attention to the posts on NextDoor.

I spoke in recent weeks about your community being a coffee shop. Maybe we just need to use these tools to turn the community that meets at Brew on Broadway a little bigger and more connected.

Image Credit: Katie Dudas.  Follow her on Instagram!

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Basic Sorganomics

Basic Sorganomics: Your Community IS the Coffee Shop

The coffee shop in Beechview has become the heart of the community to connect, share, and interact.  Why should you be thinking of your Social Media platform in the same vein as this coffee shop?

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Basic Sorganomics

Basic Sorganomics: Chachi Plays for Kids

Basic SorganomicsTaking a look back at Chachi Plays for Kids 2015!  Find more videos and donate while you still can at www.chachiplays.com!

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Google Hangout and Wirecast

Community Assembly for Podcasting

Last week on AwesomeCast, we broke it down geek style towards the end and got SUPER geeky about the state of the podcast studio.  If you want, you can watch that segment here:

We talk on there about the vision and challenges to try to make the show even better.  But the biggest message was the community that helps bring this thing together.

Google Hangout and WirecastSo much of what I’m sitting on down in the studio is contributed.  I have old PCs that are given because they outlasted their user, or they needed an upgrade, but serve a purpose when I throw Ubuntu or Windows XP on the old thing and only want to run one function like Skype or Google Hangout to help broadcast my talking heads for the shows.

Under my desk in my shot are a few CRT monitors.  Through the basement studio, there are a few tube TVs.  They don’t sound like much, but if I need a new head for a computer, or want another monitor so everyone sees what I’m switching, they come in handy.  And why stock up?  They keep coming, and they’re old.  So I’m always ready for a replacement.

In that clip above, you see the phenomenon.  An outpouring of “hey, do you want this thing just laying around here?”  My philosophy with friends and family is I’ll take anything.  If it’s not useful, I’ll at least make sure it’s recycled with a trip to Construction Junction.

This demonstrates the amazing community we’ve had on our Tuesday Podcast Day experiment that just keeps growing.  People contribute tech, and in some cases, their time just to be a part of it.  Which has been instrumental in it’s growth over the last year in scope and quality.

It’s come a long way from my and some friends huddled around a cheap PC microphone eight years ago.