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Michael Sorg

Helping people tell their story.Podcasting guru that's hard at work building a little empire in my corner of the 'net with Sorgatron Media. Videographer that loves shooting for regional professional wrestling outfits, high school football, web series and documentaries.Video editor that's worked on safety training, promotional materials, and web content for over a decade.Social Media worker that's helping local companies get their message and vibe out there.


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Pokemon Go Shouldn’t Be Ignored  

Pokemon Go Shouldn’t Be Ignored  

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for July14, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

Confession: I’ve been addicted to the Pokemon Go since it’s release in the states last week.  I’ve always been around Pokemon between friends and my brother being a super fan.  But I’d only played a little bit of Pokemon Stadium and more recently some Pokemon Yellow on an emulator.  But THIS.  This is amazing.

We discussed so many aspects of this Pokemon Go Phenomenon on AwesomeCast this week   (you should listen to the second half of the show for that) and you’ve probably seen scores of kids and adults assuming the position (Phone out.  Walking.  Stopping.  Looking around. Continue)

But if you have a business or operate anything online:

  1. It can bring people to you. If you’re lucky enough to be a PokeStop or Pokemon Gym, you already have it made.  I talked to the staff at Orbis Caffe in Mt Lebanon and they had noticed the flux of people since their Pokestop was revealed on the game’s launch.  I had sat there for an afternoon watching the groups of people stopping out front, and counted about half of the visible clientele on the game while they sipped coffee or tea.  Or awkwardly recharged behind a vase  Stories are surfacing about bars and restaurants giving discounts or setting “Lures”, which you can purchase for less than a dollar, that brings Pokemon near your Pokestop, guaranteeing you attract every PokeHunter in the area, as I saw all afternoon at Orbis that afternoon.
  2. Create pop up events. The PA Humane Society are bringing people to a spot to help raise awareness . Once again, you simply need to fine a PokeStop, preferably in a public place or someplace you can get permission to occupy, and setup shop.  Let your audience know about it so they are interested in attending as well!
  3. People are gathering and socializing.  Images are popping up of people gathering in Central Park, or maybe your local park.  People are walking to hot spots, meeting, and talking about strategies and what they’ve found.  Complete strangers bonded by Pokemon. It has even been cited in helping those with mental health issues like social anxiety or depression.
  4. People are exploring their environments. The PokeStops are based on the places deemed important in its predecessor Ingress.  Thanks to that, I’ve found fountains, sculptures, and murals that I’d walked or driven by or near every day I never noticed. I explored roads I hadn’t ever seen in the 10 years I had lived in my neighborhood until this game compelled me to go attack a nearby gym.

Will it last?  Who knows.  It feels like the 20 year staying power of Pokemon could contribute to this carrying on for more than a couple weeks.  But the point is it’s hot now and you need to keep with the trends and ride the Pikachu-ridden wave when you can!

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Find the Path to Your Audience

Find the Path to Your Audience

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for July 7, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

Clear goals.

Clear path to your goal.

This is what I’ve been thinking about this week.  I had a great talk with a colleague about working with ad platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and the like, and realized while some campaigns got the eyeballs, we need to make sure the rest of the path is clear.  If your ad aim to perform a function, sign up, or buy something, what happens when they’re on mobile? Is your system setup for that?  Did you target mobile?

Also, are you asking too much of the user?  How many times you’ve been baited by the carrot presented in an ad, only to find you had to fill out screens of information for a chance to win something?  How much effort are you asking?

No matter how much money you throw at a campaign, just like content on social media, if it doesn’t activate your audience, it’s wasted.

Ads are something I’m rather new to in my day to day. My work has been mostly content and share driven. But a lot of that goal setting seems to transfer.  It’s as simple as sitting back, look at your campaign, project, social media, or video, and simply asking “Why are we doing this?”

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The Stage

The Stage

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 30, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

This week, I returned to a sort of old stomping ground when I assisted an old friend from Empire Extreme to interview Whitney Peyton when she was in town for a show.

See, “Dr. E” was someone who introduced me to a world where I could be on stage performing lyrics about insane concepts and was working on a magazine concept back then I had helped with. Whitney Peyton was one of the people I encountered when we shared a stage for an interestingly booked show in the middle of Ohio some 10 years ago.

The stage is something I miss constantly. That perception and rush of being up there is something that I’ve been able to supplement, though.  I realized how much getting in front of a mic, an audience to speak, or even my short stint as an adjunct teacher gave me a that sort of reason and rush.

Those are the feelings one should follow when they’re finding their place and voice online.  It doesn’t have to always be on a mic, or in front of people. Maybe it’s making baked goods and watching everyone digitally drool on them on Facebook.  Find your stage and keep following it, no matter what form it takes.

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here! or respond to this email!

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Change the World From Your Basement

Change the World From Your Basement

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 23, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive
Or a coffee shop. Or the sidewalk. Anywhere really.

Every week, I descend to my basement studio here in my house.
(Some have commented that they would be sad if my white brick wall changed with some venue changes in the future, even. ) I fire up our multi-computer studio setup that combines the use of Telestream Wirecast, Audacity, Youtube Live, and Google Hangout to bring together enthusiasts and interview subjects int he worlds of technology and professional wrestling. On a normal night, I’m having conversations with people from New York and Texas without even thinking about the great distance between us.

“The world is at our finger tips. We can evoke emotion and start revolutions. We can connect across continents or broadcast around town. We made the world smaller. Now what world will we make from our basements next.”

That was something I wrote on Instagram with the included picture. There are people doing even more with less.  Periscope is being used to circumvent actual government censorship. We are putting people in the middle of rallies to send a message to legislators with (relatively) cheap 360 degree hardware. I loved Podcasting because it was a way for me to express myself without limitations. And all of this has made the world smaller so we can do something bigger.

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here! 

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Your Social Media Roles 

Your Social Media Roles 

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 16, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

Part of my belief about Social Media is you have to find a place in your life for it to be effective.  It has to be something where you look at the things happening around you in your business and can easily parse that into something you can use as content.

I had been having a struggle lately.  My desire to attack Snapchat with a little more purpose had me realizing I was then falling off on other platforms.  Namely Instagram.

So I finally settled on a shift.

Snapchat is my scratch pad.  A place to make media, which is being shared with my main circle via Stories on the platform.  If I like what I did, it gets repurposed to Twitter as individual videos I can share, or on Facebook, I’ve been using it as sort of a video journal post on how my day was.

Instagram is for stories. I don’t JUST post ok pictures on there.  Instead of a flux of posts if I’m at an event, I find one picture that I take from an event, then take the opportunity to talk about the event, give some thoughts, and make something a little deeper.

Twitter is for thoughts.  A place to pontificate in sound bites.  Aside from the systems in place to help promote across my many accounts, each is a silo to share and converse amongst the public.

Facebook is for communication. Yes I know that’s a term all of this can fall under, but I mean it as deeper and broader communication.  Groups, shares, threads, and messenger discussions.  I crosspost from Twitter, so many of those same thoughts become paragraphs as others chime in on this platform.

Slack is for business. It’s the Facebook where we attempt to have specific conversations about the work we do around the Podcasts and projects at Sorgatron Media

How are you using your networks?

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here! 

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