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This week, I was exposed a little more to getting involved with my local community.  While my work in the past has led to working with non-profits around the Pittsburgh region, I’ve never had any focus on my own neighborhood. For over 8 years of having a house here, it has simply been the place I end up at night and work out of.  Everything else was a “fog of war” in my mind.

Brew on BroadwayThe area is also in the middle of a struggle with the local Port Authority over the upcoming T line construction (that’s our local light train that runs through the main street of the neighborhood).

What could be done to help this neighborhood communicate better?

When I was on PCTV’s Into PGH a few months ago, we discussed the PA People Count campaign over the recent Pennsylvania State Budget issue and it’s effect nonprofits.  We point out how important it is to use these tools at our disposal (Twitter, Podcasting, Online Video) to rally support for a cause or continue the conversation.

When these community matters are discussed in a meeting with 18 people, but affect thousands in the region, that doesn’t seem to add up to me at first glance.  But what if these discussions and voices get heard in a more directed way for the residents.  More than just an op ed or update buried in the Post Gazette.

Some tools already exist.  I have seen some reaction with a simple #Beechview on Twitter, and have started to pay attention to the posts on NextDoor.

I spoke in recent weeks about your community being a coffee shop. Maybe we just need to use these tools to turn the community that meets at Brew on Broadway a little bigger and more connected.

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