I enjoy Christmas.  And this year actively.  I’ve had a few rough years where I’d rather not deal with the hassle that was the holidays, but 2010 was a great year with a lot of great changes, and it’s the season to celebrate and share the love.

One of the big traditions I know we’ve skimped on was the tree.  that plastic, fake ass tree that gets resurrected from a box every year.  Last year, I resurrected it only to be ignored by my housemates.  This year was going to be different.  I dragged the box out, put the tree up.  We have lights up.

As I was going through the basement (not the Mayhem Studio side), I found something I forgot about last year…

I got a train!

All this, and we even decorated the Mayhem Studio.

Who knows what this will do to our cameras though….

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