Today’s Work: Stuff a Bus & Xmas Songs

So, I’ve had the fortune to have a day a week (when the holidays arent being crazy on my schedule) to consentrate on some of my extra freelance work and Podcasting. Today, I had the chance to edit some fun work from those crazy planet savers at PennFuture, and this gem from last week’s trip to the Stuff a Bus:

Chachi and Sorg venture out to Monroeville, PA to bring toys to the 7th Annual Stuff A Bus where Mikey and Big Bob give us a tour and an intimate interview about the event.

We’ve been experimenting more and more with FlipCams for PennFuture, so I thought setting up a stationary camera with my Panasonic and walking around to get the main singers and crowd following along would be a nice way to edit it together. How did it come out? And typographers, I do sort of regret my font choice.

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