This Week in SorgCasts: Live. Learn. Make a Few Whoopsies. Repeat.

While having what I hope to be our monthly meeting of the Sorgatron Media immediate “staff”, we decided to do a quick episode for Chachi using our borrowed FlipCam and my iPhone 3GS right on a corner in Southside Works.  Probably the best looking of the episodes yet, and I’m liking finally using Pittsburgh as a backdrop.

This was a cool one where we welcomed Sam Wilson of, a future resident of Pittsburgh, from Kentucky.  This was one of those weeks I worry about our tech.  Halfway through we started losing Skype quality, and it continued through the night.  It might be the use of Desktop Presenter in our new WireCast setup.  Or maybe I just need to upgrade to a Gigabit hub in the studio.

Doc Remedy makes his triumphant return as David Demira.  We had a good talk about his training, a call from his first solo match opponent, and fellow graduate of the Iron City Wrestling Acadamy, Tyler Stone, and of course, Mayhem Missie returned as well.  We had some audio issues as the firewire cameras for our guests seemed to turn something on as far as mics, doubling whatever they said.  One more thing to fix for next week.

Thanks to Josh Drespling’s tremendous upgrade to his section, and the success of Chachi’s on location shoots, I’m attempting to take on a different look as we evolve the show.  Once again, I used our borrowed FlipCam (I swear we’ll have more than a couple of these on hand in 2011) I shot my usual pickups today, at lunch, amongst the snow.  the perfect setting to launch into a series of Christmas episodes, showcasing some free holiday music.  Usually of the alternative variety.  Also, this may have been the first episode where we had all free music.

We’re talking about a lot of great stuff in 2011 this week, and after a year of hard work and building something that resembles a Podcast/netcast “network”, I think we’ve started gathering some really creative and driven people that will only help this whole thing grow.  I’m bery excited.

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