Sing Sing’s

So for this year’s celebration of the Wife of the Show’s birthday, I decided to take her to Sing Sing’s along with the Mayhem Crew since we always end up missing out on the trips out there. I really didn’t know much about the place aside from there being a “dueling piano show”. What I ended up getting was like the strip club for music…

They switch up the pairs, do some feature songs in between using all of the musicians there, and you basically drop your request, along with some cash ( $5s, $10s, $20s, +) and birthday and bachalorette girls getting pulled up on stage.

But overall, the night was awesome, fun, sometimes raunchy, and a great display of some of the best pure musicians I’ve seen in a while. All night, these guys were pulling out spot on rendition of hits from all walks of music. Most of them on dual pianos only. Great stuff, and to command the crowd in such a random nature was really impressive.

Note: all pics from Mayhem Missie.

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