Can Has President yet?

It’s less than 24 hours before the polls close in Pennsylvania. I’ve been sick and ready to end all of this political BS for well over a few weeks now.

I’ve made my fun, and battled simian men, even picked a former World Champion as my Vice President. It’s been a blast the last 6 months or so getting political on all of my blogs. But it’s time to be serious.

Tomorrow, we pick the guy who represents this country. The guy the other countries look at as our leader. The guy that is there to make us feel good, or take the brunt of our anger over this country. The guy with maybe most unenviable job in the world. But remember, we hired this guy tomorrow. Whichever it is. If you don’t vote, you don’t have ANY right to bitch about him, or the other guy, should he win, for the next 4 years. I missed the 2000 election. And in 2004, I made sure I had 4 years to complain loud and proud that I voted for the other guy.

Today, I felt the pinch that this country was in. As these two jackasses are posturing and making everyone try to feel better about them than the other guy, people are losing jobs. Two were lost where I work, but it’s a result of MASS cuts at our clients’ facilities. Because someone dropped the damn ball a few weeks ago. Because no one has kept the greed in check that put us in this situation. So now I have to spend the sleepless nights wondering how I’m going to make up for the help I don’t have, and wonder what my friends I used to work with will do with themselves now. And wonder what the hell I am going to do next.

I mentioned several months that I was hoping to become fairly political, and increasingly, politically angry. Ironic that one day from the election, I’m politically pissed off. Make a damn change already!

What does Sorg think? I’m done with old fogies in power… I’m voting anti-incumbents tomorrow…

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