Google Glass on a Segway

Friday I ventured to the local mall to get my first every Day 1 iPhone.

iPhones.  Got a 5S for my wife as well.

I had successfully acquired and activated my bounty, and sat by the fountain seeing how far I could get restoring our iCloud backups before I leave when I heard someone wheel up and ask me a question.  I hadn’t looked up, and thought it was my new friend from the ATT Wireless line who was getting around in one of those sweet motorized scooters.  Here, I had to look up much higher since this was a mall security guard on a segway.

After my initial reaction to authority figures of “am I doing anything wrong?  Self check.  No?  Ok, let’s see what this is then.”  we got to talking initially about the new phone, then he noticed my Google Glass on my face.  As usual, I casually ask if he wants to try it when this comes up, but with a caveat:  can he take it for a spin with the segway?

In retrospect, I should have offered them for trade so I could have rode the segway.

And of course, here’s the results:


It was about the time that I pulled out my iPhone to shoot him rolling off with my Glass, I realized he was rolling off with my Glass.  Sometimes I worry I’m too trusting with these things.  But thankfully, he came back around.

Two technologies meeting.  I love it.

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