Google Glass in the News!

Last week, I had the fortune to get a visit from KDKA to talk about Google Glass.  Here was the result.



IMG_1751I give a lot of credit to KDKA for putting together a pretty good, representative piece on the technology.  They used a bit of Google’s demo footage, but even the Cathedral of Learning spot they created is fairly close to the experience.  They used a good bit of footage actually from the device for when David Highfield tried it on.  Nice touch!

And that’s a large problem with the technology.  Much like we discuss about the Wii and Wii U on the video game show, it’s hard to explain why this is a big thing without showing someone.  And it’s hard to demonstrate on video the feel of it.  Video demos convey something persistant in your vision, when really it’s just sort of sitting out of the way until you are ready to read it or interact with it.  I tend to forget that it’s up there, or that it’s not there.  Sometimes, reaching up, or nodding to activate a time check that isn’t on my head at the moment.  It becomes the “checking your watch” motion, it seems.


You can check out more pics and Glass clips from the interview here.



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