Google Glass Does Sports

Friday night, it was time for our Summer Yinz Team Softball outing, and the Google Glass came along…



The experience was interesting.  I didn’t have much fear of losing them off my face as I ran bases.  Not any more than the glasses I already wear.

The issue came after a few innings of sitting in the outfield.  I’ve had issues when first wearing Glass in NYC along with the included shades.  When that occurred, it was like I had too much weight on my face.  My brow felt like it was holding up so much hardware that it became unbearable.  I hadn’t had that issue when using the same piece during our outing a few days later as we shot Unsung 57 out in a bright day in Frick Park.  This time, it started to feel a little uncomfortable the little bit I moved around in the outfield.  This could be something for the face muscles to get used to over time, but I had to ditch the Glass after about three innings of play.


On the flip side, there’s this awesome video that Dudders sent over as inspiration for our Yinz Team game…



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