Don’t Wink!

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imagesOne of the cool new features with the new Google Glass 2 I talked about last week is the Wink feature.

Wink is an experimental feature activated with the new hardware that allows you to take a picture with just a momentary closing and opening of your eye.  It’s simple enough.  CNET explains the setup here.

It’s a handy enough of a feature.  It’s nice to be completely hands off, and be able to take a picture without having to speak.  Especially when in public.

But there is a problem. And it’s not the privacy issues that we talked about on AwesomeCast and Mike Pound relayed in his Beaver County Times article last week.

It’s the wink itself.


During the course of the day, apparently my eye moves in such ways that can be confused with a “Wink”.  Hence, I am almost constantly taking accidental pictures with my Glass.


Not that it’s terribly exciting.  It’s mostly me in front of a computer.


Or squinting as I enter a building from the outside.


Or looking over my shoulder to see hour our big screen is outputting a Hangout.

I never thought I would have to think about the cadence of my blinking.

It certainly compounds the idea of being mindful to where I wear Google Glass.  I already pop it on top of my head in a public restroom.  I’ve already accidentally taking pictures twice in the bathroom.

You can turn it off.  But where’s the fun in that.

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