But what, exactly, am I getting into?

It’s getting to that time of year again! It’s the Christmas for Geeks that is Podcamp Pittsburgh 5, and it’s coming up September 18-19! Keep an eye here to find out when and where I’ll be speaking, and read on to check out my latest contribution to the PCPGH5 blog! Get more info at www.PodcampPittsburgh.com and register now!!

A lot of conferences, unconferences, and workshops come and go if you look for them. Sometimes, especially if your someone not akin to diving into new situations, it’s hard to get the gall up to get to these. You don’t know what sort of event it is in feel.

Well Podcamp Pittsburgh has the solution for you.

Last year, thanks to those industrious folks at Vivo, we had the chance to capture exactly what happens at Podcamp Pittsburgh from right in the sessions.  You can head over to podcamppgh.blip.tv and surf through over 40 full sessions from Podcamp Pittsburgh 4, as well as some Spotlights on local businesses, and promotional videos we did all the way back for Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 with the likes of iJustine, Podcamp Pittsburgh founder Justin Kownacki, and a host of other bloggers and podcasters from the area.

For instance, there’s this gem of “Jane Pitt” and Mike Woycheck talking about the PittGirl phenomenon.

And if you want to get into more footage, a quick search of “Podcamp Pittsburgh” or “PCPGH” will yield pages of results on YouTube of the sessions, discussions, and parties our little event is known for dating all the way back to the very first Podcamp Pittsburgh.

What can you find? How about a strong description of the event from Justin Kownacki from back at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2…

So dive in, and if you’re coming, bring a camera of any size. It’s attendee made media, folks!

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