This Week in SorgCasts: A Good Time

AwesomeCast 10: Building a Podcast in 3D

This week, we welcomed Nick from CloudFab.  This is the first attempt we’ve had, as I’ve wanted to, to use the show to showcase some of the cool stuff that’s happening in our town (Pittsburgh).  They basically act as a middleman to take files and turn them into 3D objects.  I was a little concerned that maybe the talk got a little over geeky, but altogether, I still enjoyed learning about it.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 230: WM 2.0: One Last Squeeze

This was the return of Hotwheelz to the show.  I finally decided to pull the veil on a local group I didn’t allow on the show, but thanks to my videography work, I’d had the pleasure to see some really cool matches locally.  We also had some Skype issues with LB, which gave us a chance to try some alternative methods of sticking him on

video only, and using that SkypeOut service we pay for to get interviews on air easier.  The show was a lot of fun this week.  Highlighted by the extra content before the show when we were having fun with old ’80’s wrestling music videos and TV Themes that made it to the WMS Gold iphone app.

Music Funtime Show 14: The Space Pimps

The biggest surprise of the night.  Thanks to a hook up by old friend Dr. E, I had the chance to talk to Rhisi of The Space Pimps.  It was great to hear from a group doing so well out of Pittsburgh, and about to tour Japan and China.

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