Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Every so often, a movie truely surprises me. Scott Pilgrim was a movie I saw previewed a few months ago that peked my interest, but I may have been to pass off that it wouldn’t be done right. And there’s a lot of danger when you adapt material like this.

After the fact, I found out that Scott Pilgrim was a manga-style comic book series.  Especially when, after watching this movie, I was quick to declare it the best “video game” movie, even though it’s not based on a video game.  More, it’s based on all of the video games that shaped our childhood over the past 30 years, actually.

The movie is quick, funny, and goes over the top frequently.  No one even bats an eye at the over the top Street Fighter style fights.  Somehow, they made it an acceptable part of the world.  As if we are living in a real life Captain N movie.  Everything is stylized in a part Super Mario/part Sin City feel that really delivers, combined with the dirty rock of Pilgrim’s band and quick one liners spread throughout.  If you’re bored with this movie, you’re likely not into the subcultures this movie oozes with.

The feeling on this movie is similar to when I saw Zombieland.  the previews caught your interest, but it’s rare that a movie follows through like this and becomes the sort of movie you want to buy the DVD for the moment the credits start rolling for the first time.

And bonus: as I found out at last Thursday’s preview, this is the perfect date movie for particularly Nintendo Generation nerd couples out there…

Double Bonus: Check out the free Punch Out inspired boxing game on the iPhone.  Lost Chachi and my phone for ten minutes on that one…

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