You always remember your first (website)

This past Monday, Geocities finally closed it’s doors, and it’s like a piece of you is dead.  When I discovered this thing called the internet in 1997 on my OG IBM Aptiva C66 and blazing 33.6 modem.  At some point, I discovered this Geocities.  It’s neighborhoods were so comforting.  It’s tools and widgets (whatever it was called back then) were a great way to start getting some functionality.   And the animated GIFs.  Oh, those GIFS.  Not to mention the glorious MIDI music.  My ears still ring with that sweet, sweet sound. My first experiences posting pictures and early “blog” content in the most unorganized of fashions, I’m sure.  I loved the access of this free website until I was unhappy with the overlays at one point, switching to Tripod.

So I give you…an homage to GeoCities…

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