Year in Review. Done for me with Social Media

facebook 2013 year in review

Usually I like to pull together a little bit of a year in review post, but this year, I noticed most of Social Media I use did it for me.

The first was Google+, which did the first “Auto-Awesome Movie” I’ve seen. It pulls pictures and video from my auto uploades, and presumably, what I’ve posted. A nice mix of video from when Missy did the Color Me Rad race and my cousin’s wedding.  It also mixes a LOT of pictures from shoots I’ve done over the year.  So you see a lot of S’eclairer setups and random people from Unsung.



Next up was Instagram. This was a little different. I saw one or two of these a week ago, and followed the links back to Statigram, a pretty handy looking site for culling your Instagram statistics. Great move by them to get some awareness. It was a little clunky, and I don’t think I even ended up posting the video because my both my iPhone and Android tablet didn’t make a connection right. Finally, I was able to get it on the iPhone after hopping into the native Mail app.

Finally, Facebook reminded my of my year. They pulled together the “20 biggest moments” from your year, including a nice collage on the left. You can also go in and add life events. I felt my WrestleMania trip wasn’t well represented, so I added it in. Really nice!  I had all but forgotten that our ordeal with the 5 small dogs practically left on our doorstep was from earlier this year.

2013 year in review on facebook

This time of year ends up being a great time (and maybe scary time) to see just what we’re plugging into these networks collecting information on us.  When you get to see moments you’ve almost forgotten is amazing.

What social network end of year collections are you enjoying?

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