I Bought a PC. Help Me.

This week, I did something bad.

I bought a Windows 8 computer.


This was a long time concern. I needed something for my Wirecast setup in the studio. I had been taking my 2011 Mac Mini from the office and hooking up every Tuesday night to do our now 5 shows. But with the limitations of the ports on the machine, Mavericks not working well with Wirecast 4, and a desire to have slots to stick extra Firewire or Blackmagic cards in for future expansion and up the quality of the show. I was worried about applying more interesting effects and shots in Wirecast with the CPU hovering so close to the ceiling of my Intel i5 Mac.

Cost is certainly an issue. I didn’t want to get an iMac for twice the price, or Mac Pro for…wow look at that price. I would have the same expansion issue with the iMac, for one, and don’t need to buy another monitor it’s attached to.

I’m a tiny bit worried about Windows 8. I think I’ve disabled anything extra that comes with this Lenovo “gaming computer”. But in the end, I think this will work out.   And the studio isn’t Mac only.  I actually run the Hangout and Skype guests on older Windows XP machines, and run Ubuntu Linux for the chat computer.   It’s the tool for the job.

One thought on “I Bought a PC. Help Me.

  1. Welcome to the darkside! I have to buy a new machine in the next week and i’m dreading Windows 8. Its such a waste over Win7

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