X-Clan "Mainstream Outlawz" Review

While I’m not much of the typical hip hop listener, I’m always amazed to discover a group to my CD player only to find out they’ve been around almost as long as I have. X-Clan is one of those groups, and I have been amazed to find out that these guys have been kicking in the hip hop scene since 1990.

This is an act that continues to illustrate the variety on the Suburban Noize label. Where we have rip hop, metal, and more, there’s room for some straight up hip hop. I thoroughly enjoyed the organs on “Thru My Eyez”, and the head bobbing beats through out the album. This is a group about some real hip hop, rather the gangster lyrics that are prevalent today.

If you’re a fan of some straight hip hop in line of Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and something to jam to, this album is worth a look if you’re looking to mix it up in your music collection.

You can preview the entire album right now at http://www.myspace.com/XClanMusic and you can pick up the album right here.

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