Why TNA is good for you.

I know. I’ve said it before. After long standing by it. Fuck TNA. The horrendous gimmick matches, the multiple screwjob finishes and shitty storylines. It just broke my support for the fledgling company. Then something else happened. Bound for Glory.

I’ve sworn off buying the PPVs for a few months now. Between the quality and the waning proceeds due to Talkshoe’s new payment policies. (we used to be able to buy both companies’ shows, but that’s another post). I had missed, then heard the greatness of this show. So I gave it a shot. And I was back. But scepticle. As I’ve said on the Wrestling Mayhem Show, I’ve been hurt by plenty a’ friend and female by putting my faith in a hurtful relationship. TNA was no different, in my view.

But after that, then another 3 weeks of shows (two of which I just watched tonight), here’s a list of everything right with TNA:

Team 3D/X-Division/Motor City Machine Guns Yeah. It started out looking like another calculated burying of the X-Division talent to further an “established” guy’s storyline. And you hated Team 3D for it. Congratulations. That’s exactly the feeling they want from you. Then this week, the X-Division strikes back. Triple X carrying tables to the ring. Motor City Machine Guns on the mic and laying down the challenge, letting us know the real reason they raise their hands. Great stuff.

AJ Styles/Tomko vs LAX Anything to get AJ Styles from underneath Christian’s shadow (as entertaining as it is). LAX always deliver, and Tomko isn’t half bad himself. AJ/Tomko could be one of the better thrown together teams since Eddie/Rey. Kind of sad the Steiners got involved. I hope LAX get another match for those belts.

Christian Cage
He’s Christian Cage. He’s under the radar of the title history, but has as big of a mouth as ever. Great matches with Samoa Joe, edging himself into the title tournament, and it looks like a ladder match in the future.

Kurt Angle Once again, there’s way too much of him. Almost every commercial break is a segment of Kurt doing something. But come on. Somehow Borash has become his stooge. Somehow almost the entire roster gets som face time and interaction. Face it, this is sports entertainment, and this is Angle entertaining.

Black Machismo/So Cal Val lock eyes A spin off from the aformentioned Angle-overloads, after we have Jay Lethal go into a weird flashback about Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania,

Jimmy Rave Something about Hemme being called “Red Snapper”, but it was really about fishing. Something else witty happened at this point I a) don’t recall but know I loved the comment and b) no show recap saw worthy of repeating…

And for Lunchbox: Christy Hemme I think they killed her off of TV this week when Amazing Kong bent her in half. You can start watching now, sir.

So there you go. Give the TNA another chance.

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