Why Ric Flair was friggin’ sweet

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As I mentioned briefly on my WrestleMania post the other day, I was introduced to “the man” around 1992. Up until this point, I was only aware that there was WWF. I had no knowledge of others. There were several Starcade tapes I never made the selection to take home from my local Video Shelf store. And then later I was given severl Pro Wrestling Illustrated issues that made me aware of War Games and other wrestlers I hadn’t heard of, but would eventually know all too well.

So when Bobby Heenan walked into WWF holding a championship belt that looked quite different from that around ?Hogan’s waste. It was professed to be the “real world’s champion”. Then finally they introduced Ric Flair on Superstars. (the only WWF programming I had to latch onto).

And I hated him.

Flair was arrogant. Aligned with Heenan and Mr Perfect. Helped the dreaded, scary Undertaker take out Hogan and vacate the belt. And amazed everyone with an hour stint in the Royal Rumble to win the WWF Championship. Then the fight with Macho Man at WrestleMania 8, preceeded by the “scandal” of these pictures of Flair with Miss Elizabeth.

The next few years, Flair disappeared from my wrestling outlet. And I fell from paying attention to it. Then I started watching WCW thanks to satellite dish and was reintroduced to everything. Including the Four Horsemen.

This is when I started to appreciate more things about wrestling, including the Ric Flair match and promo. Flair had a way with words. And the man could go. Even at his late age, this guy could run a match that guys half his age couldn’t hold a candle to. And Sunday was no different.

At WrestleMania 24, Flair and Michaels tore the house down. Michaels did his part, as he always does, and Flair did his thing. And they told a story. Flair insisting on Michaels bringing his best. Michaels not wanting to “pull the trigger” on Flair’s career. The words “I’m sorry” before the final kick to the face and subsequent pin.

Ric Flair was honored at the Hall of Fame Saturday as the only active wrestler to do so. He was part of an amazing match to end his career. And Monday night, he was presented with an amazing dedication on RAW, and was shown the respect of all of his peers.

Here’s to you Flair. Won’t be another one like you.

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