What the CRAP is up?

Trying to keep things rolling on www.monkeyflingspoo.com. Want to have a related post at least once a week for the site. Here’s the latest on CRAPPY things I’m working on…

Thought I’d drop a line to the Crappers out there and let you know what we’re up to these days. We’re basically slowly, but surely, working on a few projects here in the background as we have time this busy holiday season. This is an incomplete list, and we don’t have any sort of time frame aside from “when it’s done”, but here’s a wish list of projects in the works.

* CRAP TV Volume 2 has begun being compiled. It looks like it will encompass episodes 8 – 14 and as much extra stuff as we can pack on a DVD. Hell, we already have material to hold over until Volume 3!
* The RWF Sorgstock 2007 Anthology will commence production once the second CRAP TV DVD is done.
* Big Daddy Shit started work on a small solo venture, already laying down 5 tracks in the studio. Aiming to be a freebie on the site in the future.
* Our intended free, online album has hit a few snags, but we have at least 4 tracks in the can and may just release those in some form here on the website.
* A couple new “side projects” may be popping up in 2008 with CRAP and other artists. But that’s on the hush hush.
* Big Daddy Shit’s son, Little Brother Poo, is already starting to get some rhythm and may surpass his father in Crappiness.
* 8-bit AKA Chachi is now a Guitar Hero
* emcee lb is a proven pimp
* An official Street Team is in the works
* We’re looking into options for planning shows in the coming months. We also expect to start Sorgstock planning in January.

So that’s all for now from the world of CRAP! Stay tuned. I hope to keep updates rolling on here on a weekly basis.

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