It’s PRIMANTI Brothers!

Ok, got to get a little something off my chest. 

They showed a small “cultural” spot on Sunday Night Football about Primanti’s.  And proceededThe storefront of the original Primanti Bros. in the Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. to butcher the name (and pronounce he’s never eat the damn sandwich).  But John Madden, he’s had Primanti’s.  And I bet he loved it.  I bet he opened his big mouth, took a bite into about half of the fries and cole slaw craziness, and, with mouth full, exclaimed “FOOTBALL!!!!!”  Then explained to the unfortunate patron beside him, the intricate details of the sandwich. 

But when he said “Primanti’s” he friggin’ pronounced it right! 

One thought on “It’s PRIMANTI Brothers!

  1. I bet he drew a diagram on his napkin, explaining how the ingredients were assembled into the sandwich.

    And that he drew it wrong.

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