What is your Podcast Purpose?

An Evening with Podcamp - Jim Krenn

Spending an evening with some of the greatest people on Podcasting. There were several great topics that came up in the hour and a half of discussion.  You can watch or listen to that panel here.

I felt like we talked in great detail about one version of Podcasting.  But I want to make clear there are several.

An Evening with Podcamp with Podcasters Jim Krenn, Professor Buzzkill, Brian Crawford, Katie Dudas and Buzzy TorekThe product: Jim Krenn is the product.  His show, much like radio, much like television, is based on the concept that the content is what made you show up.  And you sell advertising against that because they want that audience.  Or you can go HBO and have people pay directly for you content.

Either way,  you need to have some thing people care about in a mass if you want this to be your business.

The enhancement: the other side of Podcasting is the informational component for some other business entirely as per of their content marketing strategy.  The idea of advertisers may not be a factor and you want to talk to your current clients,  or continue to paint yourself or your business as the expert.

The sounding board: but in the end, maybe you just have something to say.  You just want to talk about movies, politics, or whatever out load and see if anyone wants to listen.

That’s the beauty of Podcasting.  You don’t have to need to be selling something or be aiming to unseat Marc Maron. But people can listen to you just as easily as anyone else on the platform.

What do you think? How else would you define certain Podcasts that I may have missed?

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