Video is Dead

So yeah. Today has been an odd one. I figured it was worth comment.

Woke up just on time this morning. Even though my clock showed that power came back on exactly 5 hours ago.

My back is killing me. I’ve had this nagging thing that can only possibly be attributed to the last CRAP show, or sleeping like a pretzel. This morning, it felt horrible. Missy couldn’t find any knots in my back. It is really perplexing me.

It’s a fairly light work load this week, with VHS outputs ruling the day. Which is funny since we are finally phasing out video tapes to our customers. That’s a good 500 – 1000 we don’t have to ship that will be now on DVD. So much easier.

I don’t know what hit me this week, but I’ve felt the need to patch things up with an old friend. I’ve been more friendly to him this week and I think it may be a turning point on things. I know I just need that one less thing to worry about these days, so I picked this one.

Sorg says: Chachi has more interesting comments than I do. Read his page instead…

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