So much…

This is one of those days where I feel like I’m getting somewhere. I’ve been involved in so much lately, and making contacts and projects happen. But this was one of those days when I’ve talked with about all the people I’ve set out to and the majority of them have responded.

I do know I need to figure out some way to “lighten” my personal load. Delegation is so hard because I can never find anyone as willing as I am to be involved in my projects. A long time struggle I’ve had for years.

Yeh, It’s a random post, but I’m taking some inspiration from my good friend and just trying to let things out on here like I used to. It’s therapeutic, after all.

But, in closing, I really have to give a lot of credit to my new friend Paul, and really the entire Podcamp Pittsburgh “committee”. These guys have been the highest example of people that “get things done” that has been lacking around me lately. Especially in a time where I started second guessing all of my efforts again. Thanks all for keeping me inspired to keep going.

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