This Week in SorgCasts: Business as usual

AwesomeCast 36: Where’s Egypt
This was a weird reverse-meta thing.  I received Chachi’s episode the day before, even though it was going up two days later, and touched base with his smartphone conversation.  It was interesting to draw some content from that.  AJ is fast becoming a mainstay on both this and Mayhem.  He, like me, has a genuine enthusiasm for both technology and professional wrestling, and it’s nice to have someone just up the road that can participate in studio like this.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 255: The Road to WrestleMania Goes Through Oregon

Chachi discovered Oregon Trail on Missy’s iPad, which he usually uses for the show.  This is basically a love fest for Royal Rumble once again.  We do love us some Rumble…
Chachi Says 21: Join the Future

Chachi is gearing up for Chachi Plays and poses the above question of “why aren’t you on a smartphone.”  A wholly one sided discussion, but an interesting question.  And no, we’re not sponsored by Comcast (you’ll see on the video)
Music Funtime Show 32: Opening Homicidal Nerds

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