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Almost a year ago, I was introduced to ThinkUp via one of my favorite Podcasts, This Week in Google, and regular co-host, Gina Trapani. It was perfect.

When you use Twitter, there’s not really a right way.  But this service actually helps you consider your actions a little.   ThinkUp analyzes your Twitter feed and instead of giving you graphs and numbers and impressions that you may not be able to translate, or can translate however you want to justify with your boss, the service gives you real world perspectives.

A graph doesn’t tell you that you talk about yourself too much, or call you a potty mouth for using the swears.  This service also alerts you to your followers changing their avatars and descriptions.  It brings information to the surface that makes you take a look at who you are on Twitter.

Now, it seems they’ve answered my feature prayers as they’ve added multiple accounts starting at $10/mo (it’s $5 for the first account only).  Even if you jump into the trial, the few days of information could be invaluable for how you look at how you tweet.

You can check out insights for a couple of my accounts over at  This doesn’t have to be public for your own account.  In face, I’ll certainly be turning off my clients for public view.

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