A little bit of video…just for fun

I often get to this point where I feel like I’m not doing enough.

I know, right?

But seriously.  I love playing.  Sometimes I get my head into my projects so bad that I don’t get a chance to just have fun.  Using that HD camera in my phone I cary everywhere, or doing something just for fun that could be a little different.

So these happened…

This is a collection of iPhone footage I took at the Color Me Rad 5k my wife and her friend participated in, and edited in iPhone iMovie.

This is a sample of why I love the iPhone mount on my dash.  Whether it be taking a pic of the asshole’s lisence plate in front of my, or turning it around on myself with a thought in the parking garage.  (edited on iPhone iMovie, btw)

Then there was this impromptu moment when Hootie started blaring in my ears setting up for the podcasts recently.  The sweet Black & White was added with Youtube effects.


Then I had some thoughts on the new console wars.  Thrown together via my Macbook iSight and Final Cut Pro X really quickly.



I hate how the iPhone front cam and the iSight on my 2009 Macbook Pro are not widescreen HD with these methods. Google Hangout has spoiled me with it’s widescreen presentation that I forgot on the latter.

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