The Rebound Prez?

Well, it’s over. Obama is the President Elect. It’s historic in his race and the breakthrough for race barriers. (sorry Cindy, I used the word)

Considering some of the unflattering, and embarrassing words I’d endured hearing from some in laws I’m not even sure how I’m related to so many months ago. This had made up my mind to not raise my hopes. I was surprised to see a black president this “soon” in my eyes. All of the bullshit you see from day to day of intolerance all over seemed to still be the norm in a country that struck down civil injustices years ago in the law. I was convinced that this would prove whether this country was still as racist as I suspected it was.

In 2004, there was a large groundswell of youth voters that were tired of what they were seeing. The numbers seemed to be up, and in support of some “change” in guard. But Kerry wasn’t the strong candidate to really make the difference to make people truly care. This time, those numbers appear to be shattering records.

So what happened? I’d imagine the same things I noticed.

And keep in mind, I still hold my distrust in most things political instilled upon me by my father, so take this with a grain of salt, as I take this whole situation.

Obama was the right guy with the right words in the right way. After 8 years of a guy with marbles in his mouth I could just feel was lieing through his teeth. In the two major elections I have experienced since becoming of legal age, this is the first one I didn’t feel screwed either way (not just anti-bush, but the lackluster Democrat selections provided to us). While we all hung our heads with more of the same, bureaucratic bullshit the last 8 years, Obama provided something new that turned our heads. Whether you were for him or against him, it seemed all were strongly one or the other. And time will tell whether he’s just another lieing snake like all the rest, and it will be transparent very soon, I feel Obama is better than the guy who has done a 180 in the last 8 years, who claims “Maverick” based on his past when he’s become “malaise” in his present, looking forward. Bluntly, I’m tired of an old white guy who obviously doesn’t really give a shit. Obama is at least pretending to care (and hopefully meaning it).
Florida, Arizona, and Massachusetts, from what I understand, all voted down pro gay rights, at this point.

Well there you have it. That’s the political blow off. Sorgatron ’08 is done. Stoke Monkey ’08 is done. I’m done. We have a president I don’t feel shitty about on day 1, and I’m canceling my prospects to move to Canada, for the moment (though I love ya, great white north). And I’ve afforded myself the chance to piss some people off like others.

Can we all stop being politically ignorant now and move the fuck on? Blow it off now, folks.

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