I Remember my first job…

I remember not getting a job until I was 18 so I didn’t have to bother with a permit (aside from that farm work I did for a bit…)
I remember my sister getting me a job as a bus boy at the country club after my birthday
I remember bussing large trays up and down two flights of stairs every night
I remember fearing the rush of a Friday night
I remember some laid back Sundays
I remember being bossed around by my sister a LOT
I remember Kurt and his crazy antics
I remember being introduced to some kid he called “Chachi” that never went away
I remember hanging with the smokers behind the kitchen when I had some extra moments
I remember drunken rich people
I remember the “pillars” of my community in moments of drunken debauchery
I remember the constant conflict of the members in their mini-democracy
I remember being amazed at what they would spend for a night on the town
I remember a constant conflict with the kitchen
I remember some awesome free food
I remember leaving of my own volition when I went to school
I remember my friends getting jobs there
I remember some of them letting me down
I remember still never playing any golf

I remember driving by when it wasn’t a public gold course like it is now

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