The Pajama Jama Match of Ages…

I swear I could write a post like this every three months…

I like being a wrestling fan. And being a fan for so long (since at least Paul Orndorf/Hulk Hogan Saturday Night Main Event Cage Match Classic in the 80’s) and I find that all of these “internet marks” seem to be so jaded. Now that everyone is “in on it” everyone analyzes, pokes, prods, postures, disarms, and generally bitches about wrestling. No, it’s not like back in the day. If that’s what you want, go rent some old PPVs and Anthologies.

So tonight, we had a crazy WWE pay per view in No Mercy. We went in not knowing anything about how a new champ would be crowned after John Cena’s freak injury from Monday Night. We were opened with Randy Orton being handed the belt. Triple H talking Vince into getting a shot at it. Triple H winning the belt. Defending against Umaga. Then losing his third match of the night, and the belt, back to Randy Orton in one of the best Last Man Standing we might have ever witnessed.

And in between? We had surprise tag match, a sloppier, but interesting women’s title change, pizza vomit, Irish trickery, an ECW dud, and a pajama jama match that made Batista look like Tarzan. All intertwined with our story of the night, in the Triple H title encounters.

But some were not as happy with the show. I’m glad to know I’m not the oddity that enjoyed the night. And I may have a lesser opinion if I had personally shelled out the $40 for the show in my own home. But without that weighing in the back of my mind. I could sit there, eat my pizza at Fox and Hound, take in the action and the surrounding reactions in the room from the other wrestling fans. I’m not a fan of Randy Orton. Really at all. Though I respect some of the things he’s done. (the asshole can sell like a champ sometimes) I was happy to see Triple H have his 11th(I believe) championship, and have to be almost killed after three matches. You know this is going to lead to further matches, and they can only go up from here. (Hell in the Cell, anyone?) Fantastic.

So please, friends. Let yourselves be fans again. Remove yourself from reality, and buy into the fantasy that is the whole reason you started watching to begin with. Otherwise, shutup and start watching some UFC…

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