I learned this evening, that my brother had started “blogging”. I am happy as can be. My brother has never been the most “outward” of people. I always worried that I had no idea what this guy was thinking half of the time. An introvert of sorts, though coming out of his shell as I subject him to my outward friends here in the city since he moved in with us last year. Like the jawbones thing. I hope it would be all therapeutic.

Anyways, this is another example of the greatness of this whole “social media” thing we’re all trying to figure out. Any time any one of us and use any of these tools out here to get something off of our chest, or just express yourself and explain your ideals, that is a victory. And that is something worth being involved with.

And to all these people talking about Twitter being some sort of “marketing tool” or “Social experience”. Fugg that. It’s the thing I use to tell them I had a good sandwich. And for people to tell me how good their sandwich is. Ok, it’s more useful than that. But people, don’t take these things so seriously. If you’re not having fun and excitement with using social media, then you’ve missed the point.

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