The Classics Revisited: GI Joe “Cobra Stops the World”

Scarlet Getting Freaky
Scarlet Getting Freaky

While I grew up watching Transformers, He-Man, and Ninja Turtles in my after school days, one series that evaded me was GI Joe on my three stations of over the air viewing growning up.  I had a few tapes to rent, (and re-rent) from my local Video Shelf (they’re still around, too.  And I’m loosely related to the owner, last I knew).  So when I found GI Joe in the Retro section of Joost, I was elated and started diving into them.

So the first random issue I started with was “Cobra Stops the World”.  The plot:  Cobra takes over the air waves to remind us that it has already taken down our drilling platforms and stolen our tankers in an attempt to, well, “Stop the World”.  Immediately, this seems like a storyline still fitting for today’s eventual energy crisis.

  • So Cobra is Al Quiada before the caves.
  • Somewhere down the line, Cobra Commander lost the mask and grew a funky beard.
  • Two divers in a plane can take down you’re whole evil anti drilling operation.
  • aborigenescan be tempted to the dark side with a fancy gun and a candy bar from a sketchy man in an eye patch.
  • Scarlet is a hot old lady.  And can threaten an underling to give the info when it’s obvious that a Joe probably never killed anyone in the whole series.  (until the movie, of course.)

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