So today, we were cleaning for our little get together this evening and I was straitening my DVD collection and started thinking about a few of the things.  Reduncency.

With the changing of technologies, you may have found yourself rebuyinng copies of movies.  As someone that had a pretty extensive movie collection from my early teens when I had the allowance to start collecting, the transition to DVD meant that I would feel the need to upgrade my movie watching experience.

Transformers The Movie. This is the movie that I saw in the theater and marked my younger years as a huge fan.  In the days of being an ebay fiend, I went to great lengths to find the Canadian copy of the movie with the swearing intact.  Eventually, I found a DVD copy in a discount rack and upgraded that experience.  Then, one christmas Wife of the Sorgatron picked me up the 20th anniversary edition.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1-3.  That’s right.  All three.  Including that third one we all tried to forget.  Another few movies that marked my childhood.  I saw the first two in the theater, and even had my VHS copy of the second movie signed by Vanilla Ice himself.

Highlander 2. Ok.  Maybe not the best example.  I know Highlander isn’t the best handled movie/tv franchise in the history of cinema, but there’s something about it that intrigues me and my family.  Ask my sister.  She’s a huge fan of the Adrian Paul series.  For some reason, I think I saw this movie at a young age, perhaps without seeing the original, and it stuck with me.  My first look at Sean Connery kicking ass.  (I had no idea he was the same guy as Bond at a young age.  The beard is like a whole different person.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I had a tape from the original release of this.  I must have worn it out as much as the Ninja Turtles movie and  Ghostbusters 2.  I remember a huge sweepstakes they had that was commercialed at the beginning of the tape.  I think this one brought on my love of rock n’ roll.  And helped me through history class.

The Matrix. Regardless of what you thought of the follow ups and where the series went(still love them all), this was a game changing movie. The big campaign of “What is the Matrix”  and the reveal.  The comics and animation helped flesh out the world.  You could see this movie as the precurser to the internet word of mouth and supported community with expanded content.  After picking up the two sequels and Animatrix, it was only fitting to grab a copy of the same quality DVD to match when I watched the trilogy in the future.

So what movies are worth you rebuying?  And will you be doing so again on Blue Ray?

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