Basic Sorganomics: A Better Facebook Live

sdaasdfasdSparked by what Geeks Life is doing, we’re starting to take a look at how we can use Wirecast to broadcast our live recordings to Facebook Live. What does it take and how does it work? Follow Basic Sorganomics on Facebook, Youtube, Google Music, Spreaker, iTunes, Stitcheror TalkShoe, or subscribe to the Sorgatron Media Master Feed on Stitcher and iTunes. Need more help?  Find […]

Basic Sorganomics: Facebook Live!

Facebook Live Video has been rolling out since the beginning of December, and now many are finding it on their iPhone apps. What makes this offering different than Periscope and Meerkat?  What can you do with it now and how can we work around the limitations to use it for your business? Follow Basic Sorganomics on Youtube, DailyMotion, […]

Basic Sorganomics: Periscope Revisited

Periscope has been on the scene for a little bit, and I’m changing up some of my experiments with it.  What is getting attention? What makes sense for businesses? I answer some questions live on the show in a rare instance from the live Periscope broadcast! Follow Basic Sorganomics on Youtube, DailyMotion, Spreaker, iTunes, Stitcher or TalkShoe, or subscribe to the Sorgatron […]

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