Get Started (with your Podcast or Project) Where You Are

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for September 8, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive Recently on an recording of Fishing Without Bait podcast (Episode 56, still upcoming as of this writing) we talked about how many people get in their head that they need to join a gym to improve themselves.  […]

Basic Sorganomics: It’s No Going to Be Easy

It’s not going to be easy.  For anyone.  No matter how it looks on the outside.  As they say, “the struggle is real”. Follow Basic Sorganomics on Facebook, Youtube, DailyMotion, Spreaker, iTunes, Stitcher or TalkShoe, or subscribe to the Sorgatron Media Master Feed on Stitcher and iTunes. MP3 Download 

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