Subway Bite Back

I wanted to post a response to Thoughtful Nature on the Subway thing.

Really? Subway is that bad?

Now granted, I’ve had some bad experiences with Subway in the past. Typically from foreigners and emo kids that don’t know how to build a sandwich. But I have my prime store I go to on Banksville Rd. that constantly treats me alright. I lived on this stuff when I went to school, and still love to hit it up when i want an alternative to McD’s and Wendy’s when I’m out or just don’t want to cook.

And while it’s not your mom and pop deli, or the best food out there, there is something to be said for one feature. Consistency. Subway is everywhere. I can get it downtown, in the ‘burbs, sometimes in a WalMart, and even back home in the middle of nowhere. And that’s important when you’re someplace that doesn’t have access to a mom and pop like the general pittsburgh metropolis. Sometimes all you have as the un-corporate alternative are the greasy spoons that are more grease than anything (just because it’s family owned, doesn’t make it good)

Then, of course, I live in an area where we live next to the money area. I just don’t feel like dropping $8 on a sandwich I cam make at home from my fridge.

On an alternative, and I know I was a few months early for “food month” in the blog world with my Sheetz post of a bit back. The upcoming of a gas station that doesn’t scare me. When you see that red glow over the hill on the highway, you know you have a higher percentage of a bathroom that doesn’t have a water heater in it, prices that don’t suck so hard, and a consistently decent quality meatball sub waiting for you on your weary travels.

And as an aside, check out Thank you, Martin Sargent.

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