Sorgatron ’08: The Magical Mystical Market


The Stock Market is Magical

The Stock Market is Mystical

The Stock Market is not something you can see (well, that’s a lie). The stock market isn’t something you can hold in your hand. It’s like a faith based money system.

I don’t understand it. You most likely don’t get it. Probably 95% of the country doesn’t understand it. I sat between a programmer and an entrepreneur a few weeks ago and listened to a conversation that literally made my head spin. I at least get programming. And I know enough about it that I could do it, but choose not to.

But anyways. Even our politicians can’t completely grasp what is going on. This has been admitted. And the $700 Billion? A number out of the air. We wanted a plan to supplant the failing businesses, reward the shitty CEO’s, and, I’m sure, funnel money into pockets of people that have no interest int he greater good. And no attempt for review of this process? That’s unamerican.

I have to agree with Mr. Dvorak on No Agenda. This sounds like a treasonous move, and thank you, House, for striking it down.

Can the average person even fathom almost a Trillion dollars? After years, and years of being told how much in debt we are, do we even care? Is there enough care when we hear this? Does the public care? No, we’re conditioned not to anymore, just like the softening ups and downs of the rising gas prices.

The Market plummeted? Of course. It probably would have anyways with it’s magical ways. Maybe this is the kick in the ass this country needed to realize how far down the hole we’ve been going, and a perfect summation of the direction this administration has been taking us.

So now’s a good time to decide if you want “The Change you Need” or the “Change that’s On It’s Way” or whatever stupid tag line that isn’t going to mean crap next year…

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