Con on the Cob This Week!

It’s finally that time where Deface Marketing is going to hit Con on the Cob from all sides!!

The Wrestling Mayhem Show will be opening up with a seminar entitled “The Evolution of a Podcast” to discuss the trials and growth of WMS much like they’ve done at Podcamp Pittsburgh the last two years.

Then, Nerdz Eatin Shroomz will be teaming up with emcee lb to rock the stage Friday at 3:00 PM and Saturday at 1:30 PM.

CRAP will also be performing, throwing CRAP, and Stoke Monkey in tow, to show the nerdcore how we do it Friday at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 10:15 PM.

And be sure to swing by the Deface Marketing booth where we will be representing all of the above groups, and

There are plenty of other groups and comedians there we can’t wait to see in action, including Dual Core, Worm Quartet, Seamonkey, and those crazy assholes from the Awful Show we interviewed a couple months back.

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