Sorgatron ’08: Obama Ads

From Sorgatron ’08..

The campaign is in full swing. We’ve been on the news, have billboards, have debates scheduled, and so on. But as I lay in bed with a tub of Americone Dream and my future first lady, and surfed through the channels on my Dish Network receiver (the American Dream, I know) and came across the OBAMA Channel.

What? BO-TV all day long? Really?

And of course, with my penchant to not be able to get up to pee until the next commercial, I sat there for a bit. After returning home from the hospital due to my bladder failure, I booted up my iPhone to find an Obama ’08 app. Upon further investigation, I see Obama has had a Twitter account with over 95,000 followers. Oddly, the only McCain centric Twitter of any significance I could come across was one @FakeSarahPalin.

So Sorgatron had to think. How do we combat all of this. We don’t have to worry about McCain. The man can’t even turn on a computer, let alone spear head a multi-faceted digital campaign. Stoke Monkey is simply too concerned with banana car pies in the sky that will never happen with is feigned campaign promises, and flashy t-shirts to cloth his extended, illegitamate, family.

So we have to combat the Obama faithful head-on.

Today, Sorgatron ’08 announces it’s endeavors to put a Sorgatron channel on the Primestar satellite system, GPS devices, and Sorgatron account on ICQ. We also plan on a site on Second Life (thought we can’t figure out how to get out of the red light district…)

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