friday5: I won’t answer your questions how you want me to..

1. “My hands are tied” is an English-language cliche that means “I’d like to do something about this unfortunate situation, but I don’t have the ability or authority.” In what current situation do you feel your hands are tied?
Usually general financial situations and things my friends are doing that I might not approve of.

2. Railroad ties are the evenly-spaced slats that lie perpendicular to train tracks and whose function is to hold the tracks in place and to distribute the weight of the train. Who are the railroad ties in your life?
Well, that’d be my wife and a couple of close friends that help me get through the day, and vice versa. I think I have a nice small network of about three or four people that help “distribute the pain” so to speak.

3. What are your feelings about Thai food?
I once dated a girl that I was told was from Thai decent, via England….wait, what was the question again?

4. Whose thighs do you admire?
Thighs? Do people really take that in consideration? I’m more of a boob and face guy, myself. But I suppose I was always a fan of this picture…

5. A red tide is a proliferation (in ideal circumstances) of oceanic algae that often seem to discolor seawater and threaten other sealife. If the ocean is your life and the algae the harmful attitudes, thoughts, or moods that crowd out the good stuff, under what conditions in your life is red tide most likely to become a problem?
I guess the things that would be the “perfect storm of suck” would be a combination of things that would consitute just an overall feeling of worthlessness, be it a combination of some job issues, feeling I let people down, and being broke. Or something like that…

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