So You Want to Be a Podcaster?

803268_10152574852280724_1529214138_nFrom the Sorgatron Media Newsletter from February 14, 2013

Podcasting is still alive and kicking, and getting even bigger with household names like Kevin Smith, Adam Corolla and Chris Hardwick getting in on the action.  But it’s still a tremendously accessible thing for anyone to get into as a platform.

When it started, iTunes was the de facto standard for Podcasting.  And it still is.  But more and more, Podcasts are getting spread across platforms.  Stitcher has been growing to become the better, easier platform for Podcasts on any device.  Others are using SoundCloud to grow their audiences.  Both have a built in audience that’s already on board with the concept.

But don’t forget video.  If you are developing something that’s going to be more visual, make sure to get it on YouTubeVimeo (for more control), or even, which distributes to so many platforms, including the hot Roku boxes.  We see about half of our hits for AwesomeCast coming from Roku boxes, showing us that it’s a viable platform for home-made content!

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