Return to the Homestead

This evening, now after I join the mirth of a Ghostbusters screening, I return hom for the first time in almost three months. It seems my trips home are becoming fewer and farther between. So. In the spirit of all this damned lists I see on Will’s Blog, here’s a list on top reasons to and not to return home again:

Top 5 reasons to go home again for Sorg:

1. Family My immediate family of my father, sister, and nephew are always a great reason to get back. That’s my anchor.

2. Perkins The longtime late night dwelling of my friends an myself. I have spent many an hour, and many important things in my life happened there interacting with my friends and associates back in my high school days.

3. The Arch It’s made of stone. It’s unique. It’s an annoying traffic bottleneck. But it’s a part of home that I drove through everyday going to Jamestown Elementary/High School.

4. Get Away I love the city. Don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, it’s nice to not have to move so much and have a different kind of environment. The city life can be draining.

5. Bonfires! I can’t have a giant fire and burn a couch in the middle of Beechview. I would end up burning down Beechview…. My dad’s place is the prime hangout for roasting some weenies and making some noise. All of the neighbors are relatives, and more recently, Amish. Even if you piss them off, what are they going to do? Call somebody?

But this is what had spurred the epic Sorgstock events we do. Excellent stuff.

Top 5 reasons not to go home again for Sorg:

1. Family very many of my family aren’t the most desirable of people, it seems.

2. The Jamestown, PA website That music made me want to rip my ear drums out when I was looking for a picture of the arch. Bleackh!!!

3. Wal-Mart is a class reunion Yeah. It is rare that I go to Wal-Mart (because you always have a reason to get something over the weekend) and you get that awkward interaction with people you knew from school.

“What are you up too these days?”
“Y’know. Married. Got a house. Career in video. Rap group. Wrestling show. The usual. You?”
“Um, working at Wal-Mart”

You see the discomfort factor…

4. Tainted water We returned home when my dad had surgery last year, and discovered that Greenville’s water supply was not to be drank, or even showered in, because there were parasites due to the treatment plant’s insufficient cleansing of the downstream Shenango River water. (they drink my pee in that town…)

Luckily, my dad’s place has its own well.

5. Coyotes They’re around…And they scare Jeff.

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