Ah, that one festival of the year I have to hit. Usually, it’s been the Gathering of the Juggalos, but this year, couldn’t make a trek all the way to Indiana, thanks to the day job, and decided to try this “free Ozzfest” gimmick. So aside from the “fun” it was to get the tickets, we get on with the show!

Now, it’s been a few years for me at a ‘fest. 2005, maybe? ’04? Anyways, I look at this list of bands and know NO ONE from stage two except Hatebreed as a headliner (and Devildriver added late). But I was plesantly surprised that it wasn’t a group of “Screamo” bands that populated the stage in the years prior. Instead we get some classic thrash in 3 Inches of Blood, some Metallica Load stylings (complete with performed Metallical homage) in The Showdown, and some sweet chick screaming in In This Moment. And of course, I find the return of Static-X to the stage. Hadn’t seen them since my first Ozzfest in 2000. Lordi was a surprise with their GWAR-esque costumes and pyrotechnics. Great show. And of course, Ozzy is Ozzy and we all still love it this 5th time I’ve seen him.

This was the first time sitting actually in the Pavilion, and not in the lawn. And I had a few key observations of the day…

Metal promoters don’t care Well, that’s been a fact for a while. Warped Tour, and even the Gatherings, you would see more of a step to make sure that everyone’s ok. Free water, well placed mist tents, and a general sense from the bands not to fuck anyone up too badly. This is partly the nature of the music, and probably couldn’t be helped. But alas. I spent probably $50 in just some nachos, one slice of pizza, and water/gatorade all day for me and my wife. Pluse $20 for parking. At least the ticket was free.

Hustler is still cool They had a stage for Hustler girls coming out, showing their stuff (that might have been duct taped) and tossing free swag. I caught panties…panties…oh well. They rested firmly on my head for a bit. I think I’ll hang them in the studio…

Smoker are assholes Yeh. Going to get flack for this one. But it’s the truth. When the venue posts no smoking in the Pavilion seating area. And my wife goes in large part to not having to worry about smoking because of, and you’re sneaking one in right behind us and she’s having a hard time breathing. Yeh, you’re going to hear from me. You have no right to poison the air others breathe. Walk your ass to the lawn and smoke up, buddy. This is a rant for another post…

Titties They were everywhere. That is all…

Where’s the swag? So this was a sponsor paid for Ozzfest. So where’s all the swag? Where’s all the tents? There was just so much less this year. No body painting (my father-in-law was dissapointed). No scores of booths promoting one thing or the next. They were there. FYE, Jager, Monster. But significantly less. Disappointing. Commercialize me, dammit!!! Swag matters!!! (at least a little).

Well, that’s all I can recall for my Ozzfest report. Maybe I’ll get to that smoking issue later.

Oh, and any CRAP fans out there can now pick up our album “It Doesn’t Matter” at The Exchange and Dave’s Music Mine, both on the Southside in Pittsburgh, PA. More stores around the city in coming weeks!

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