Opportunity for Bloggers: Hip Hop Buffet

Hey guys. I’ve been talking with DaButtonPusha about her ongoing Hip Hop Buffet Series. I did a stint on her local cable access show, The Ripple Effect, and love what she’s doing for the local hip hop scene. After seeing how the bloggers took to Liquid Sunday, I proposed to her that we see if any bloggers would like to attend the show and help spread the word.

I attended one of these shortly after our appearance on the show, and it was a great collection of artists from the area, and other cities. If you’re looking for what this town has to offer, this is one of the best showcases I know of.

If you are interested, and would like to get on the list, you can get a hold of DaButtonPusha at the JPB, Inc Myspace page, or call her at 412-404-2394. Let her know what your site is and how you hope to cover it (blogging, video, audio, etc).


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